The Transfiguration
Sermon / August 6, 2017

My time at Camp Crucis recently reminded me of my days as a Boy Scout. My old friend, Fr. Moseley, or Father Salt as I like to call him, was a fellow Scout, and we went on many camp-outs together. We learned many things about camping. We learned to prepare our gear, shop for food, prepare meals, and best of all we learned how to put up tents and set up camp. It was fun, too! Part of the fun was finding the best place to set up camp. We would hike for hours it seems to get a far away from civilization as possible. There were no distractions, no cell phone, no internet. Our idea of networking was putting our heads together to identify the flora and fauna. I love to still love to camp out, but my idea of roughing it has changed somewhat since the Scouting days. Now my idea of roughing it is a hotel room without a coffee maker.