May 2018

Day of Pentecost

Somewhere, long ago, I heard this apocryphal story. Two angels were sitting on a cloud one fine morning sharing coffee and angel food cake. One says to the other, “I heard that the Son is back among us.” The second says, “Really? Where did he go anyway?” “He went down to earth to start the Church,” says the first angel. “Is that right?,” says the second. The first says, “Yes,

Ascension Sunday

This past Thursday was the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord. It is a Principal Feast in our calendar, which means it ranks right up there with Easter and Christmas Day. In fact there are seven Principal Feasts listed in our calendar. Can you name them? The first is Easter day, then 40 days later is Ascension, always on a Thursday, but many of us transfer it to the

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The Rt. Reverend Jack Leo Iker to retire 2019

Bishop, Standing Committee call for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor. You can read the Press Release HERE.

Camp Crucis

…where the glories of Christ are seen and experienced.

Camp Crucis is a center of excellence created to assist men, women and children in deepening their personal relationship with Christ in a peaceful setting for ministry, education and spiritual growth.