Fishing for people
Sermon / February 10, 2019

Luke 5:1-11 I am not much of a fisherman. I have tried a few times, and while I enjoy being on the water, in a boat, with someone who is a good fisherman, I have a hard time seeing the joy in it. I have a couple of friends who really enjoy it. One has taken me out for the day, and I almost caught one fish. I enjoyed the company anyway. There is a lot of stuff needed to be a successful fisherman. There is the all important rod and reel, the hooks, and of course the bait. While I was in Malawi, each morning on the beach nearby our lodge on Likoma Island, I saw the fleet of fishermen come to the shore. They fish at night with lights to attract the fish, and they use nets, much like Simon, James, and John. At day break they bring in their catch and sell to the buyers who greet them on the beach. I was told that a lot of money changes hands on the beach every day. Today we heard about how Jesus encountered these simple fishermen. He got into Simon’s boat and began to teach the crowds….